Bret Talley

Scholarship for Future Tech Pioneers

Bret Talley

Scholarship For Future Tech Pioneers


Delray Beach, Florida

Who Its For

Our Future pioneers of technology

The Bret Talley Scholarship aims to provide scholarship funding for a deserving student who will be one of our future tech innovators and pioneers.  Tech is running everything in our daily lives and will only become more important. 

The students now will be the ones transforming our future, and entrepreneur Bret Talley would like to give back to a future tech star with his scholarship fund.


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Tech Pioneers


Tech Leaders

Technology To Shape Our Futures

Bret understands how difficult it can be for students in the competitive field of tech.  Not to mention, that when trying to launch a company while at the same time entering the workforce with student debt can be a huge challenge.  For this reason, Bret would like to give back to our future tech entrepreneurs with his scholarship fund. 

If you are a future tech star who will be shaping the way we use technology, you probably qualify to enter our essay contest.  Learn how you can apply by visiting our application page.  Good luck to all the students with the contest and with your futures as tech pioneers!

designing the future

Students today will be the ones designing our future

The tech we use daily

The things we will use daily in the future aren't yet created

tech is a way of life

Tech pioneers have vision and creativity to see what the world needs

Future thinking tech development

Looking ahead and using your skills to fill a need

The Future of Tech

the ideas that change our lives

Technology is growing at an accelerated rate, and the students of today will be the tech leaders of tomorrow.  The ones whose ideas and developments will change the way we live.

But the road to success is not an easy one.  Starting with education and turning your knowledge into an idea, and then implementing that idea is difficult and some will not succeed.  Those taking these chances should be rewarded for their risks.  Bret Talley understands the life of a tech innovator, and he wants to give back to a future tech star.

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Bret understands about the rising costs of education and the extra strain it puts on recent grads that are trying to get their startup off the ground.  This is why he wants to give back, with his $1,000 scholarship award which will go to a deserving student with promise to be a future tech innovator.  Also, through promotion of the fund, Bret hopes that he can raise awareness to open up more opportunities for funding for students in tech.

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